Staff Access to Buildings (Walsall Campus)

Staff have access Monday -Friday to the following area within the times shown without the requirement to make any requests:

Buildings Access Times
The Jerome K Jerome (WA) 0600 - 2100
Faith Centre (WC) 0800 - 2000
The William Penny Brookes (WD) 0600 - 2000
WE Building 0600 - 2400 (varies with LC opening times)
Sister Dora (WP) 0600 - 2100
Sports Centre (WJ) 0700 - 2200
Juice Bar/Squeeze Box (WS) 0800 - 1800 (varies on events)
The Samuel Johnson (WN) 0600 - 2200

Please note if buildings are unoccupied they may be closed earlier for security purposes, particularly in the summer months.

Outside of the above timings any staff request for out of hours access are assessed against staffing and activity, if the request can be met access is granted, if we are unable to meet the request we would give the option to the department to meet any additional cost.

Please note in addition to our requirements there may be a requirement to complete a faculty risk assessment and faculty authority to work outside normal operating hours.

Staff wishing to access a building out of normal working hours, should contact the security team at: to make this request, you should be aware that not all buildings are currently set up for out of hours working, however, we will always do our best to accommodate any requests.

You will be required to provide a “Lone Worker” risk assessment (if working alone) and if working in an area which may be considered hazardous such as laboratories, workshops etc a further risk assessment covering any work being carried out whilst on site.  Please note that under certain circumstances it will not be possible to agree to lone working subject to the activities being carried out.  Written permission must also be obtained from your line manager/lab Manager/Workshop Manager prior to any access being given.