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The Emergency Management & Resilience Centre (EMRC) continue to provide high quality university courses.  These are ideal for those looking for career advancement, seeking to move into an emergency planning, business continuity, disaster management, or other resilience related career.  These courses aim to enhance your professional credibility and employability; will develop your personal and professional practice; and provide you with knowledge and understanding of essential concepts, up-to-date research and evolving practice both within the UK and internationally.

Over time the development of related courses, research and practice engagement across the University of Wolverhampton has opened up opportunities to engage with others and provide a wider offering. The portals below provide links and access to a wide range of activities linked to emergency management across the University of Wolverhampton.


We are pleased to announce that the following courses starting in October 2024 are now open for applications.

  • Postgraduate Certificate Emergency Management & Resilience (Hybrid delivery)
  • MSc Emergency Management & Resilience (Hybrid delivery)
  • MSc Disaster Management & Resilience (Online)

You can view the details of the course here and if you have any questions or wish to discuss your options please do contact me directly.

These courses take a particular focus on our developing field in a changing world and in the repercussions of ongoing and challenging world.  We especially focus on underpinning disaster/emergency management frameworks, the challenges of learning lessons, developments in societal resilience, identifying and managing risk, and continually striving towards further professionalisation of our field.  

Our Emergency Management & Resilience courses focus on applying knowledge specifically for UK emergency management whilst bringing in case studies both local and from around the world.  We take a complete view of emergency management to further the preparedness, response and recovery arrangements within the UK and so this course, whilst relevant to everyone worldwide, will be of particular interest and use for Emergency Management professionals within the UK, or those aspiring to move into such a role.

Our Disaster Management & Resilience course focuses on the international elements, bringing case studies to bear on the application and delivery of disaster management principles, and the wide variety of hazards and societal issues which gives rise to continuous complex and critical challenges.  We take a complete view of disaster management and so this course is relevant to Disaster and Emergency Management professionals worldwide, or those aspiring to move into such a role. 

The UK's Resilience & Emergencies Professional Apprenticeship Degree programme is now open to employers to support apprentice emergency planning and resilience staff members.  Find out more here.

However, if you are working in the UK emergency planning/ management field then you are eligible to apply for our Postgraduate Certificate or Masters courses.  Our PGC/MSc Emergency Management & Resilience courses have a specific UK focus and are designed for emergency planning / civil contingency practitioners.  

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