T1 & T2: For those who teach – learning and teaching essentials:

These courses are open to all research students whether you are about to teach, engaged in teaching or just interested in what teaching entails.  The courses T1 and T2 together provide the foundations of teaching and will underpin the additional course (Essentials of the Classroom) that you will need to complete once you commence teaching at the University of Wolverhampton.

Facilitators: Julie Hughes and Julie Wilde, Institute of Education

T1: The big picture

Session T1 is designed to address concerns of research sudents who are new to teaching and will offer practical techniques and tips for the planning and implementation of effective teaching and demonstrating. The workshop is run by experienced teachers and will guide attendees around useful information and resources which can be used in their own teaching sessions. 

You should also register for the follow up session T2: For those who teach – learning and teaching essentials: Practical support for student learning.

 Thursday 30th November 2017  5-7:30pm  MD165
 Thursday 1st March 2018 (repeat)  10-12:30pm  MD165

T2: Practical support for student learning

This is a follow-up session to T1 that will provide a structured opportunity for research students to reflect upon their early teaching experiences and will provide an opportunity to expand and enhance teaching tools. It will also offer a chance to gain additional guidance on any ongoing teaching and learning issues, in particular tricky classroom issues or dilemmas encountered.

Before attending T2 you should complete the workshop T1: For those who teach – learning and teaching essentials: The big picture

 Thursday 11th January 2018  5-7:30pm  MD165
 Thursday 12th April 2017 (repeat)  10-12:30pm  MD165