R61 Time Management for PG Researchers

Content: In this session we will look at why it is important to plan during your doctorate. We will look at how you develop a project plan and a development plan. We will also consider what gets in the way of progress during a doctorate, as well as review some of the time management techniques that might be helpful.

Facilitators: Dr Ben Halligan and Dr Debra Cureton, Doctoral College


For 2023-24 R61 Time Management for PG Researchers, R2 Addressing the Research Focus and R60 Research Regulations are scheduled to run consecutively on the same days. To book use the Eventbrite Link which will register for all sessions, although you are at liberty to drop in and out of sessions as required. The times below refer to this session only.

Date Time Venue Booking Link 
Monday 2nd October, 2023 12noon - 1pm Online Eventbrite Link
Wednesday 24th January, 2024 12noon -1pm Online Eventbrite Link
Wednesday 10th April, 2024 4pm - 5pm Online Eventbrite Link
Thursday 11th July, 2024 4pm - 5pm Online Eventbrite Link