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Unit 4: Completing your doctorate in a timely fashion

R48: Viva Hotseat

Every postgraduate researcher who comes to our viva session asks the same question - 'what questions will I be asked in my viva?' Although we can't tell you the specific questions that you will be asked about your thesis, there are some general areas in which these questions will fall. 

In this session we will consider the types of questions that you will be asked in you viva and offer you the chance to explore some of the general questions that may be asked of you.  Also for the brave, we offer an opportunity take the 'Hot Seat' and experience a mini mock viva.

This session is open to all research students.

Facilitator: Dr Debra Cureton, Doctoral College

Wednesday 16th October, 2019  2pm - 4pm MD165 Eventbrite Link 
Monday 9th December, 2019 2pm - 4pm MD165 Eventbrite Link 
Tuesday 10th March, 2020 4pm - 6pm MD165 Eventbrite Link


Vitae RDF descriptors addressed in this session are:

Knowledge and intellectual abilities (A)
This domain contains the knowledge and intellectual abilities needed to be able to carry out excellent research.

  • Knowledge base (A1)
  • Cognitive abilities (A2)

Personal effectiveness (B)
This domain contains the personal qualities, career and self-management skills required to take ownership for and control of professional development.

  • Professional and career development (B3)