Unit 2: Starting your research

R38: Research Ethics Workshop: What do I need to know to deliver an ethical study?


It is important to plan and anticipate any potential or actual risks from the start of any research. To engage in research, researchers need to develop an understanding and knowledge of principles governing research ethics and carefully plan how to address any ethical issues arising within their research. This workshop is designed to provide participants with the theoretical knowledge and understanding of the philosophy of research ethics, and the legal aspect covered in the conduct of an ethical research project. At the end of the session, participants will have knowledge and appreciate the areas that are of particular importance to research ethics boards; as well as the ability to plan, implement and deliver an ethical study.


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Vitae RDF descriptors addressed in this session are:

Research governance and organisation (C)
This domain contains the knowledge of the standards, requirements and professional conduct that are needed for the effective management of research.

  • Professional conduct (C1)
  • Research Management (C2)