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Unit 6: Focusing on your career

R20: Research and Erasmus

Britain lags behind many other countries in providing its postgraduates and early career researchers with intercultural competences such as international experience and foreign language skills that are considered fundamental global attributes. At the same time, the British 'PhD experience' has expanded beyond completion of a thesis to include professional development and participation in research culture, in order to keep pace with changing professional expectations in higher education and in recognition of the fact that while HE remains a major professional destination for successful doctoral students, many of the latter take up posts in other sectors. This skills development session will survey some accessible pathways to internationalisation of experience that can at the same time enhance professional development. It will also provide a context to these opportunities, explaining the strategic reasons why internationalisation of experience is both personally and professionally beneficial.

Who should attend?
It is envisaged that the session will be of particular interest and use to students (a) whose research requires them to engage with or could be enhanced by engagement with international experience such as fieldwork abroad and/or acquisition/improvement of foreign-language competence; (b) who are interested in or prepared to countenance gaining professional development experience in an international context; (c) who simply wish to broaden their personal and professional horizons and prospects by adding international experience to their portfolio of achievements.

Facilitator: Dr Glyn Hambrook, Faculty of Arts

Thursday 12th October 2017 10am-12pm MD165

Vitae RDF descriptors addressed in this session are:

Personal effectiveness (B)
This domain contains the personal qualities, career and self-management skills required to take ownership for and control of professional development.

  • Professional and career development (B3)

Research governance and organisation (C)
This domain contains the knowledge of the standards, requirements and professional conduct that are needed for the effective management of research.

  • Finance, Funding and Resources (C3)