Unit 3: Foundations for Conducting Research

R17: Introduction to SPSS


SPSS is a powerful statistical application programme that is particularly useful for the analysis of questionnaire data. It can be used in the analysis of data from various disciplines.

This introductory workshop will cover the basic analysis functions enabling you to:

  • Prepare and enter data into SPSS
  • Investigate your data using descriptive stats
  • Understand how SPSS uses statistical procedures such as correlation (bivariate)

During the session we will look at examples of data from a current project and discuss which statistical tools could be applied to best understand what is happening.

IBM SPSS Statistics programme is available on all University PCs

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Vitae RDF descriptors addressed in this session are:

Knowledge and intellectual abilities (A)
This domain contains the knowledge and intellectual abilities needed to be able to carry out excellent research.

  • Knowledge base (A1)
  • Cognitive abilities (A2)

Personal effectiveness (B)
This domain contains the personal qualities, career and self-management skills required to take ownership for and control of professional development.

  • Professional and career development (B3)