Dr Arun Arjunan

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Arun joined the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Wolverhampton in August ‌2014 as Lecturer and Course Leader in Mechanical Engineering. His research and consultancy are in the field of Vibro-acoustics and Finite Element Analysis. His PhD is in the thermal and vibro-acoustic behaviour of double-leaf walls and first degree is in Mechanical Engineering.

He received the FHEA status being recognised as a Fellow of the Higher Education academy in 2014. His research on the numerical simulation of the vibro-acoustic behaviour of stud based double-leaf walls has been widely cited as a significant contribution by specialist in the field.

Arun also serves as a reviewer for the Elsevier Journal of Building and Environment and Springer Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology.

Investigation of the Acoustical and Airflow Performance of Stiffness Graded Porous Geometries using Nylon 12

This ERAS project explores the merging field of Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) and acoustics through investigating the noise attenuating and flow behaviour of porous geometries manufactured using Selective Laser Sintering technology in a Nylon 12 material. The aim is to put forward design guidelines relating acoustic frequency, with geometrical characteristics resulting in an enhanced acoustic attenuation with minimal flow hindrance. This study will act as an initial investigation for integrating acoustic and flow performance using digital fabrication techniques.

Download the project Executive Summary - Arjunan, Arun (Word doc 1,403k)