IRAS Sponsorship Guidance for Staff and Students

What is a research sponsor?

The Research Sponsor takes ultimate responsibility for the conduct and integrity of the research, ensuring that research studies have adequate indemnity/insurance arrangements, are registered, are approved by the appropriate bodies and are subsequently monitored.

The University of Wolverhampton acts as sponsor for the majority of staff and student research.

However there are circumstances when this may not automatically apply:

  • When a staff member has an NHS contract and is employed within the NHS where the research is being carried out, it the employing Trust may act as sponsor for the research.
  • When a student is an NHS employee where the research is being conducted, the employing Trust may act as sponsor for the research.
  • Exceptionally it may be appropriate for joint sponsorship of a study.
  •  When research is being funded by a commercial organisation they may act as the sponsor.

What do I need to do to ensure I have appropriate approval for my research?

The University has an Institutional Sponsorship Policy - Health & Social Care Research (Word doc 31k) which should be read in conjunction with the Institutional Sponsorship application process. You will need to familiarise yourself with the Policy and Process and apply for Institutional Sponsorship prior to submitting an IRAS application.

What do I do if my project uses human tissues (as defined by the HT Act 2004)?

Familiarise yourself with the Policy for Use of Human Tissue for Research at the University of Wolverhampton found at:

You will need to register your research on the UoW Human Tissue Research Register and submit copies of your NRES application.