Annual Research Conference (ARC2015)

Our Annual Research Conference 2015 was held Tuesday 16 June. It focused on the twin themes of transformation and impact.

Transformational research involves pioneering theoretical and / or methodological innovation that has the potential to change our understanding of scientific and social concepts, practice or paradigms.

Research impact is the demonstrable contribution that excellent research makes to society and the economy.

The conference showcased some of the latest research being undertaken by staff and students from across the University. It featured five parallel sessions of presentations led by ERAS Fellows (Early Researchers Award Scheme) and research students, as well as senior researchers, within the themes of the conference:

  • Group A – Learning, Literature & Criminal Lives
  • Group B – Business Climate
  • Group C – Tools for Life
  • Group D – Health Sciences
  • Group E – Physical Activity and Sport

Please see Research Conference Programme (PDF 728K, Downloads file) for more information.

Research student poster exhibition and competition

The Exhibition and Competition offered research students the opportunity to share their research with each other and the research community. In addition to five overall winners selected by a panel of judges, visitors to the exhibition were invited to take part in a peer review vote, selecting three winners in the following categories:

  • Clarity of message
  • Visual impact
  • Importance to society

Student poster winners 2015

‌‌Claire Jones 2015 poster, PGR Annual Research Conference

Wan Jing Low 2015 poster, PGR Annual Research Conference ‌‌Petros Ntinas 2015 poster, PGR Annual Research Conference PGR, student poster, winner, Annual Research Conference 2016

Claire Jones

Winner: Peer Review - Visual Impact

Delusional Thinking: Perceiving Meaning in Randomness

Download Claire Jones 2015 poster

Wan Jing Low

Winner: Judge Selection

Stopped sum models for citation data

Download Wan Jing Low 2015 poster

Petros Ntinas

Winner: Judge Selection

A Novel Method Using Space Technologies for the Benefit of Public Health during Natural Disasters

Download Petros Ntinas 2015 poster

Oriyomi Okeyinka

Winner: Peer Review - Importance to Society

The Applicability of Recycled Waste Paper as Light Weight Building Materials

Download Oriyomi Okeyinka 2015 poster

Sarah Sherwin 2015 poster, PGR Annual Research Conference Malgorzata Trela 2015 poster, PGR Annual Research Conference  

Sarah Sherwin

Winner: Judge Selection

Performing school nursing: Narratives of providing support to children and young people’

Download Sarah Sherwin 2015 poster

Malgorzata Trela

Winner: Judge Selection

Human Endogenous Retrovirus HERV-K10 is a potential autoimmune trigger for rheumatoid arthritis through molecular mimicry

Download Malgorzata Trela 2015 poster