Publication Opportunities

Selected participants will be invited to write up their presentation in their chosen format (a short commentary or a full article) to be considered for publication in the Springer peer-reviewed journal linked to the HEIR 2019 conference:.

Postdigital Science and Education (PDSE)

Postdigital Science and Education fills the gap in the scholarly community as the first academic journal in education, as well as in the humanities and the social sciences, with an explicit focus to postdigital themes and research approaches. It is an exciting hub for a growing body of scholarship in the field and enables communication, dissemination, and community building for researchers, authors, and students.

Those participants who are invited to write up their presentation for consideration by the editors of Postdigital Science and Education  can choose between writing either:

  • a short Original Commentary
  • a full Original Article

Writers’ Workshop

To support this endeavor there will be a presentation during the conference introducing the Springer PDSE journal, which takes a collegial approach to reviewing and developing potential submissions for publication. There will also be an optional Writers’ Workshop led by Professor Petar Jandric (Editor in Chief of PDSE) and Professor Sarah Hayes (Associate Editor of PDSE). This workshop is designed both for people who wish to develop their abstracts and presentations into publications, or for those with papers that are nearing submission who would like to improve their work through constructive critique. The workshop gives people an opportunity to leverage their travel and time investment in attending HEIR, to both develop ideas they are inspired by (during the conference) as well as to refine existing work they are getting ready to submit for journal review.

Full details for manuscript submission are available at Postdigital Science and Education

If you have any questions about the journal and how to submit, please contact the EiC, Petar Jandric, at