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GETTING RESULTS:Student finds the right chemistry though clearing


Siting Guo found the right chemistry to continue studying in the UK when she applied for a Chemical Engineering course at the University of Wolverhampton.

Originally from Fujian in China, Siting, 24, studied for a BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council) qualification in Science at South & City College in Birmingham.

Having always been interested in science, including Biology and Physics but particularly Chemistry, Siting passed her BTEC but, having moved recently from China to the UK, she had struggled to gain her English qualification.

She said: “I got a really good grade in my science qualification but struggled to find a place at University because of my standard of English.

“My college teacher suggested I go through clearing to try to find a suitable course and University and I called the Hotline number at the University of Wolverhampton, having found a course I wanted to study there, to check the entry requirements.

“They have provided me with valuable support in gaining my English qualification and I am now in my second year of studying for a Chemical Engineering degree in the School of Engineering. 

“My advice for anyone looking for a course through clearing, whether you haven’t got the results you need, or whether you just need some information, is to stay calm and contact the University to talk to a member of staff.  I was offered a place on my course within one day of making contact with them.”

Siting hopes to work in industry in the future as an environment engineer focusing on clean energy.

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