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Tap into new smash game by university graduates


Wolverhampton-based VoiD Games, set up by four former University students, has released three quiz titles since its inception in 2012.

Now, the company, which develops apps for mobile devices, has finished its fourth game, called Super Tap.

The game challenges the player to simply tap on as many correctly coloured scrolling blocks as quickly and accurately as possible

The scrolling speed constantly increases, and misplaced taps are punished which will result in players being shut out of the game.

The game is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and can be downloaded by visiting:

VoiD Games was founded thanks to help from the University of Wolverhampton’s business start-up project, SPEED Plus, which gives students and graduates the opportunity to launch a business idea and receive financial support, access to business facilities and mentoring.

Neil Cooper, social director for VoiD Games, said: “Taxing even the most hardcore puzzle game fanatic to their very limits, Super Tap is an utterly ruthless challenge to anyone's dexterity, hand-eye coordination and ability to tap as quickly and accurately as possible.

The app store is full to the brim with puzzle games testing your intellect, but not one challenges your pure skill and reflexes as much as Super Tap!”


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Date Issued: Friday, February 2014

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