Library Study Spaces

You must use your campus ID card to enter the library. If you have not received your card yet, or need to arrange for a replacement card, please contact the library team on Library Assist.

The library is at the heart of the University campus and is a place to meet, collaborate, study and get support. We know that everybody has their own study preferences and may rely on different types of environments depending on the activity they are undertaking. At the library we aim to provide a range of study environments available to all students so that you can get the most out of your study time.

Social Study Zone

For those who want a vibrant social learning setting, enjoy the background chatter whilst you work, and somewhere suitable to meet up to collaborate, the Social Study Zones will be ideal for you.

Quiet Study Zone

If you need a calmer environment with fewer distractions, the Quiet Study Zones may be a good option for you. You can use this space to sit with friends, but we would expect you to be working mostly independently and to keep conversations to a low level so as not to disturb others. You should not expect silence in this space, and low-level conversation is ok. The library team would be happy to respond to any suggestions that the area is getting too loud or disruptive

Silent Study Zone

If you want to study solo, with minimal visual and audible distractions, you should make use of the Silent Study Zones. If you are using these areas, you should be working independently and silently. These spaces are more regularly patrolled by library staff and you will be asked to leave if you are not following the zone rules.

Bookable Library Study Spaces

Individual study Room

At Harrison and Walsall Library you be able to book an individual study room for up to 4 hours at a time. These spaces are ideal if you want minimal distractions and prefer to work in a more closed off private environment.

Group Study Room

If you need to work collaboratively and are likely to get group discussions, or perhaps you have a group presentation to rehearse, our group study rooms are available to book for these purposes.  Group study spaces can be booked for up to 2 hours.

How to book a space?

You can browse for available spaces and make a booking by clicking the link below.

Click to book a study space

Alternatively, you can find a link to the booking system in MyWLV app or scan the QR codes located on the outside of all the bookable spaces in the library.

When you arrive at your booked space, you must remember to ‘check in’ by scanning the check-in QR code in the room or by selecting the link within your booking confirmation emails. If this is not done within the first 30 minutes of your booking slot, the system will assume you no longer need the space and will make it available for other students to book.

If you need any assistance with booking a space, please speak to a member of the library team at a helpdesk or online via Library Assist. This FAQ article, along with many other support articles on how to use the room booking system, can also be found on Assist Answers.

Library Space Booking Conditions of Use

The library space booking conditions of use apply to all bookable student spaces within the library so please familiarise yourself with these rules before making a booking.