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Inter-Library Loans

The way to request inter-library loans has changed – you can find information below on the new easy online process.

If a book chapter, journal article, thesis or conference paper isn't in our stock, we can usually get it for you from another library, generally the British Library.

In response to the current coronavirus outbreak and subsequent library closures, we will be offering a restricted interlibrary loan service. This includes:

  • Book chapters - 1 chapter only per book
  • Journal articles - 1 article per journal issue

Whole books requested as loans will NOT be available until further notice

Requests can be placed using the online form (see ‘How do I make a request?’ below). These will be delivered electronically to your University of Wolverhampton email address. For information on articles delivered by the British Library, please read these instructions.

The British Library and our other lending partners are working to keep the service running as smoothly as possible at this time, but there will inevitably be some delays to the standard delivery times. Thank you for your patience.

If you already have a book out on interlibrary loan, please be assured there will be no fines accrued for overdues. You will receive an updated due date for the return of the book if you are able to return it to the Library.

We will endeavour to satisfy  as many requests as we can, however we are reliant on other libraries which may also be closed or offering a limited service. If you have any problems with downloading a document, or other queries, please contact

The British Library EThOS service has re-opened so we are able to accept requests to digitise theses. Please be aware that if the publishing library is currently closed, this may result in a delay or cancellation of the request, but we will endeavour to process as many requests as possible.

Third year students, researchers, postgraduates and staff can all use the service, free of charge. 

In some cases first and second year students may be able to apply for material by Inter-Library Loan, but the request must first be authorised by their module tutor.

New improved online Inter-Library Loan process

The way to request inter-library loans has changed – the new easy online process means you can now place requests using this online form and will no longer need to complete and return paper request forms.

Please enter as much information as possible- some fields are mandatory (marked *) If you do not have the information, please enter ‘N/A’ or ‘not available’ and use the Notes if you need to let us know more. Book chapters should be submitted using the "Book Chapter / Thesis" form, not as an article.

Please Note: Due to copyright law, you may only request

  • 1 article per journal issue
  • 1 chapter per book

You can also make an inter-library loan via LibrarySearch by checking the 'Include items not in library stock box' from your search results page. Any items not already in stock will have an inter-library loan request option under 'how do I get it'

  • Students can have up to 10 Inter Library Loans at a time. 
  • Staff can have up to 40 at a time.

There is no yearly limit on requests. 

Please be aware that there are still some delays to normal delivery times due to the library closures and restricted services.

Digital requests (articles, book chapters) delivered from the British Library should arrive within 24 hours.

If the British Library cannot supply and we have to source from other libraries, please allow longer (usually within 10 days, depending on availability)

Print books* from the British Library will be delivered to the library within 4 days, again if we have to source from elsewhere, please allow up to two weeks.

*please remember that print requests are not currently being processed

Digital requests (articles, book chapters) from the British Library will arrive as an email link to your University of Wolverhampton email address, which you use to download your document. Before you can do so, you will need to create a BL account- please see these instructions

Articles and chapters from other libraries will be emailed to your University of Wolverhampton email address as a PDF or Word document.