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Wellbeing Champions share top tips for coping with low self-esteem

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The University student Wellbeing Champions have put together some top tips to help you cope with low self-esteem or confidence:

  • Write down 5 things that you like about yourself or are proud of yourself for.
  • Every time someone pays you a compliment, write it down so you always have these to look back on for a little boost.
  • Practice self-compassion- talk to yourself how you would talk to someone you love, or how you would talk to your younger self. 
  • Take care of yourself- treat yourself to good food, take relaxing baths, get some fresh air and exercise, get some good rest. 
  • Self-affirmations work a few minutes a day just telling yourself you can do this, you are worthy etc really changes your mindset. Try to beat the negative self-talk, by correcting it. 
  • Do things to make your inner child happy- buy something that you'd have loved as a child (e.g., a Winne the Pooh t-shirt) or watch your favourite childhood tv programme or film.
  • Believe in yourself - you got into university for a reason, they wouldn't have accepted you if they didn't believe in you.
  • Understand it's okay to feel overwhelmed, reach out the people if you feel this way – everyone will have felt this way at some point, and this can help you feel less lonely.
  • Try something new for example join societies or clubs to build confidence.
  • A lot of the times our lack of self-esteem is internalised, and people don't think that about you - understanding that can help stop these thoughts. 

Find out more about the work of the Wellbeing Champions and the activities they run to support student wellbeing at

Students can access mental health and wellbeing support and resources from the University's Mental Health and Wellbeing team at

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