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The Performance Hub (WH) Building

Performance Hub and Learning Centre

University of Wolverhampton

The Performance Hub
Gorway Road
West Midlands

Reception: +44 (0) 1902 323200

Interactive Map


Catering Facilities:

  • Vending Machine
  • Social Space - tables & chairs

Bookable Spaces for Staff & Students

  • Lecture Theatre and Learning spaces 
  • Specialist Performance spaces/Learning spaces (booked via SSPAL)
  • Meeting Rooms (booked via Outlook)
  • Learning Centre room booking (you will be prompted to enter your username and password)

View Bookable Space & Details in The Performance Hub (WH) Building

Ground Floor

Ground Floor WH022 WH024 WH027
Type of Room Seminar Room Rehearsal Room Black Box Theatre 
Capacity 15 20 125


First Floor

Ground Floor WH122 WH123 WH125
Type of Room Rehearsal Room 3 Performance Teaching Room 1 Rehearsal Room 2
Capacity 10 50 10


Second Floor 

Ground Floor WH201 WH202 WH203 WH204 WH225 WH226
Type of Room Dance Studio 2 Dance Studio 1  Drama studio 1  Drama Studio 2  Music Rehearsal  Performace Studio


30  30  30  30 30


Third Floor

Ground Floor WH302 WH303 WH304 WH305 WH306/313   WH307 WH309 WH310 WH312 WH314 WH315 WH317 WH318 WH320 WH323 WH324 WH325 WH327 WH328/329   WH330 WH332
Type of Room Band Rehearsal (CAT A)  Band Rehearsal (CAT A) Performace Teaching Room 2 (CAT A)  Band Reherasal (CAT A)  Working RecordingStudio/Live Room (CAT B Supervision required)  Solo Rehearsal Room (CAT A)  Duet Rehearsal Room (CAT A) Duet Rehearsal Room (CAT A)   Duet Rehearsal Room (CAT A)  Music Technology 1 (CAT A)  Music Technology 2 (CAT A) Rehearsal Room D (CAT B)   Rehearsal Room E (CAT B) Rehearsal Room F (CAT B)  Solo Rehearsal Room (CAT A)  Solo Rehearsal Room (CAT A)  Solo Rehearsal Room (CAT A)  Rehearsal Room K (CAT A)  Recording Studio 1 (CAT B S upervisor required) Duet Rehearsal Room (CAT A)  Duet Rehearsal Room (CAT A)
Capacity 5

 5  30  7  11