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Standard Equipment

Instructions for using standard AV Equipment


Using the Touch Screen

  • Touch the screen to activate the Touch Screen.
  • Select the equipment you want to use from the menu at the top of the screen.
  • The data projector will start warming up – allow about 30 seconds before you see the image on screen.
  • The status bar changes to Projector is On
  • Adjust the volume using the arrow "buttons" to the right. Toggle the Mute button under the Volume arrows to turn the sound on/off, or touch one of the volume buttons to turn the sound on.


Using Portable Media

Data Files on CD/DVD: Use the computer to access the disk, and select Desk PC on the touch screen.

VCR/DVD Combi Unit: To access the menu on a DVD, select MENU CONTROLS from the DVD screen, then MENU from the next screen. Use the arrow keys and SELECT button to move through the menu options on the DVD. To return to the main DVD screen, select Exit.

Note: There are many different formats of CD/DVD and types of memory stick and they may not all be compatible with this system. Please try out portable media in advance so problems are identified and we can try and resolve them.


Using your Laptop

You can use a laptop, but you can’t make a wired connection to the University network. You can connect to the wolfradiolan wireless network if it’s available, but your laptop will need Clean Access installed on it.

  • Select Laptop on the touch screen. You’ll see a message saying ‘Please connect laptop to computer
    cable provided
  • Plug your laptop in to the Mains socket on the desk if necessary, then plug the end of the monitor cable on
    the lectern to the back of your laptop, (and the audio cable if you need to output sound).
  • Apple Mac users may need a converter cable to connect their laptop to the cable on the desk.
  • Switch your laptop from its built-in screen to display through the data-projector. Usually done by pressing
    the "Fn" key at the bottom of the keyboard and the function key "F5" or “F8” (often with monitor icon on it).


Closing Down

VERY IMPORTANT! Press the Power Off button on the touch screen to close down the projector and the touch screen.  After a few seconds, you’ll see the status bar change to Projector is Off.

NOTE: If the Touch Screen is not used for 2 hours, the data projector will turn off automatically.