Raising your profile

In addition to advertising your job and a range of graduate schemes, ‘The Workplace’ also offers employers services to raise their profile with our students and graduates.

Recruitment Fairs

Recruitment Fairs are a great way to meet talented graduates and students, who are actively seeking employment opportunities beyond and during their degree. It's an ideal opportunity for you to target new and recent graduates to fill your immediate vacancies as well as enhance your company's profile.

This year we will be organising subject-specific fairs so please register your interest by contacting the Employer Liaison Team by emailing: theworkplace@wlv.ac.uk or calling:01902 323400.

Employer drop-in sessions

Drop-in sessions are informal discussions between your organisation’s representative and our students/graduates. As well as being good for general profile raising, they allow you to have quality interactions with interested students.

These are usually organised in an area with a high footfall with in the University and all arrangements are made by our staff member for you. These events are typically arranged over a 2 hour period.

We will promote the event to all our students and targeted marketing can also be undertaken for specific degree courses on request.

If you are interested in booking a drop-in session, please call us on 01902 323400 and speak to a member of the Employer liaison team.

Employer presentations

Presentations allow you to go into more depth about your opportunities with our students and graduates. They are a great way of increasing brand awareness at the University of Wolverhampton.

If you wish to convert your brand awareness into quality applications, presentations on-campus can be an ideal way.

We will promote the event and advise you on the best time to schedule your presentation and we'll be there on the day to help you deliver a successful event.

If you are interested in booking a presentation, please call us on 01902 323400 and speak to a member of the Employer liaison team.

Promotional material

Promotional brochures, posters and flyers can be sent to ‘The Workplace’. These will be displayed to help publicise vacancies, events or competitions to students and graduates. To discuss quantities and where to post, please please call us on 01902 323400 and speak to a member of the team.