Class of 2022

The Class of 2022 programme aims to support you through these challenging times by offering tailored advice and guidance on what the right next steps are for you. 

Now that you’re in your final year of university, it’s natural to start thinking about what comes next.

Whatever goals you have in mind, the Careers, Enterprise and the Workplace team are here to help. So, whether you're nearly finished or still at the start of your career planning, book in to speak to one of our advisors.

The Careers, Enterprise and the Workplace team can help with:

  • Generating career ideas and exploring different options 
  • Identifying your skills and applying them to your chosen career 
  • Researching graduate jobs, schemes and internships 
  • Creating a CV 
  • Effectively marketing yourself to prospective employers 
  • Developing your professional online presence 
  • Consider further study options 

A mentor is someone who gives you support, encouragement, advice and who shares their knowledge, insights and skills from the position of being further ahead in their career and experience of life.

Our mentors are professionals who have forged successful careers, and many are former students of the University of Wolverhampton. We aim to pair you with a mentor from your chosen career or industry, giving you a special insight into how you can get ahead and make yourself stand out to potential employers.

The benefits of mentoring are enormous. Mentors can:

  • Give you an insight into what it’s like in a particular job or industry that you wouldn’t get anywhere else – useful if you’re making career choices and applying for jobs.
  • Provide advice about how to “get in” – for any career; it’s vital to know what employers are looking for so you can build the right skills, knowledge and experience.
  • Introduce you to others in their field – getting work in some fields tends to be through people who know rather than formally applying for advertised jobs. Having a mentor working in the field you want to enter can unlock doors and help you build useful contacts.
  • Offer work shadowing and work experience opportunities – work experience is essential to get into professional level careers, but it can be hard to secure; however, some of our mentors can offer support. 
  • Help you craft an industry-specific CV and prepare for interviews – mentors know first-hand what employers in their area look for.
  • Share their experiences – everyone faces barriers of some sort when establishing their career. Hearing how your mentor overcame theirs can help you tackle your own.

Having a mentor is a fantastic way to progress your career. Everyone needs a mentor!

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Hear from those involved

Mentee: Fiona

Fiona is now a recent graduate from the University of Wolverhampton and took parting in mentoring for two years. Her mentor supported her to build emotional intelligence, develop her communication skills and decide her next steps.

Watch Fiona's video

Mentor: David

David is a Business Management graduate from the University of Wolverhampton and has been a mentor for two years. During this time, he has appreciated the opportunity to share his experiences with students to help guide them on the next steps of their career journey.

Watch David's video

Now that you’re in your final year of university, it’s natural to start thinking about what comes next. Whatever goals you have in mind, we are here to help. So, whether you're nearly finished or still at the start of your career planning, book in to speak to one of our team and we can help you become ‘Graduate’ career ready. 
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We can cover any of the following with you: 

  • Explore career options and generate career ideas 
  • Identify and analyse your skills and apply them to your chosen career 
  • Research graduate jobs, graduate schemes and internships 
  • Graduate CV creation and review 
  • Examine the application process for graduate opportunities and how best to prepare 
  • Practice interviews and assessment centre activities 
  • Effectively market yourself to prospective employers 
  • Develop your professional online presence 
  • Next steps to take in your career plan 
  • Discuss further study options 

Online resources

Here is a list of online resources we have available which are useful for final year students:

CV360 scores your CV against more than 50 checks that commonly trip up an ATS, annoy a hiring manager or get your CV deprioritised. You get instant, detailed feedback so you can optimise your CV and significantly boost your chances of getting to interview.

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Search thousands of jobs on our Jobs Board. Many of these positions are aimed at recent graduates living in the West Midlands area

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Find employers that match what you're interested in, follow them to find out more and get alerts on their latest jobs.

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Valuable information, including SWOT analysis, trends and top companies, to help evaluate career options within a specific industry and prepare for the interview process.

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Take an auto-generated mock interview or browse the questions employers voted the most trustworthy.

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Discover companies in a specific sector, find people who worked at specific companies and identify people in certain roles.

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You can get a 20% discount on a taught postgraduate course if you're a University of Wolverhampton graduate.


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The WLV online mentoring service is an opportunity for students and new graduates to access professional career mentoring from alumni professionals.


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