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WLV online mentoring

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The WLV online mentoring service is an opportunity for students and new graduates to access professional career mentoring from alumni professionals.

Whether you are looking for career insights and tips, specific career guidance, help with applications or interviews, or maybe workplace experience or internship opportuntiies; our alumni mentors are here to try and help you.

Alumni mentors are established professionals willing to dedicate time to share their skills, experience and knowledge.

Make the most of the opprtunity to get ahead with your career or make a big difference by supporting others. 

This is a FREE service and all applications will be approved by the University.

  1. Apply to get a mentor:
    • Current students - any student studying a University of Wolverhampton course at any location in the world.
    • New alumni - must have graduated with a University of Wolverhampton award (less than 3 years ago).
  2. Apply to be a mentor:
    • Alumni - must have graduated with a University of Wolverhampton award (5 or more years ago)


  • Help yourself get ahead with your career
  • Develop your employment skills and networks
  • Explore work experience and career opportunities
  • Search for mentors with the knowledge, skills and experience you need
  • Find mentors based on localion - whether it be locally to you or even globally
  • Interact with mentors in ways to suit you - video chat, email, phone calls, in person etc. 
  • Connect with a mentor at any time during your studies or up to three years following graduation
  • No limit to the number of mentors you can contact
  • No tied in programmes 
  • Record your activities, interactions and create your own Personal Development Plan
  • Continue your mentor relationship as long as you like. Connections can last a lifetime!
  • No cost - it's FREE!

  • Giving back as a mentor allows you to make a real difference 
  • Share your valuable skills, experience, knowledge and networks
  • Have final say in who you mentor - you get to approve mentor requests
  • Set a maximum of how many mentees you are able to mentor
  • Manage your own mentor profile - you choose what information you want to share
  • Specify what services you can offer and how often
  • A user guide and staff support available to you every step of the way
  • Online scheduling for all your mentoring activity
  • Stay connected with your University
  • The chance to network with other graduates who can even mentor you