Develop your workforce

Developing your workforce is the best way to equip your business with the relevant skills that you and your business face now and in the future. By offering development opportunities, your workforce will also feel committed and motivated, leading to increased productivity and morale, and reduced recruitment and absence costs within your business. The University of Wolverhampton offers a number of channels for your business to develop your workforce.

Whether in marketing, accountancy or HR, the University delivers a number of professional qualifications for industry bodies such as CIM, CIMA and CIPD. If you are interested in working with the University of Wolverhampton to help with your or your staff's CPD needs, then find out more about our CPD offer.

At the University of Wolverhampton, we are committed to investing in you and the wider economy. Our new Apprenticeship Hub provides opportunities for budding apprentices to develop desirable skillsets in a real working environment.

If you are looking to gain professional and technical skills through independently accredited work-based learning, an apprenticeship may be the right choice for you. The Hub provides a range of valuable resources and support, working with employers to place apprentices to meet the needs of local businesses.

For more information on how the Apprenticeship Hub can help you call 01902 323127 or email

University of Wolverhampton Business School has created an exceptional learning environment for Executive education.

The Executive Education Suite of the new £18million Business School Building provides ‘a view from the top’ and offers an opportunity for senior leaders and those aspiring to progress their careers further to gain fresh insight and perspectives that will enhance their organisations and individual career potential.

Our executive education programme prepares delegates for the challenges of the real world. Our progressive executive education programmes deliver immediate results for both the organisation and the individual.

  • CEOs and senior executives gain new insights into enterprise leadership in the global era.
  • Senior managers develop a much broader view of business and the world.
  • Middle managers moving towards senior management learn how to translate strategy into action.
  • New managers learn and apply strategies and tactics that prepare them for growing responsibilities.


The University offers variety of postgraduate Master's qualifications across many sectors. It is also possible to design a bespoke programme to suit your commercial needs.

Find out more about professional and postgraduate opportunities or contact the University of Wolverhampton on 01902 321081.

The University of Wolverhampton offers a number of training courses specific to your industry and can design a bespoke programme to commercial needs. Below is a list of the specialist training we offer.

  • Specialist CAD training for the manufacturing industry through the Manufacturing Club
  • Courses in modern languages, English as a foreign language, and British Sign Language, available through our International Language Centre.