Fee status

How is my fee status decided?

The rate at which your tuition fees are charged depends on your nationality, your immigration status in the UK, where you have been living and what you have been doing for the three years prior to the start of your course.

If your fee status is not clear at the point of application we will ask you to complete a Fee Assessment form so we can correctly assess what fees you should be charged.

The Education (Fees and Awards) (England) Regulations 2007 govern the definition of 'Home' (UK/EU) and 'Overseas' students for the purpose of fees. These regulations enable individual institutions to classify the fee status of students.

You may find the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website useful for answering and queries you may have.

You are considered to be a home student if you are one of the following:

  • a UK national, or an EU national with 'settled' or 'pre-settled' status in the UK or the relevant family member of a non-UK national, and have maintained a right or residence in the UK for three years previous to the 'first day of the first academic year of the course.'
  • an Irish nationals who has lived in the UK or Ireland for three years prior to the start of the course
  • a non-UK nationals who has been granted indefinite leave to remain or has no restrictions on your stay in the UK
  • a refugee recognised by the UK Government; or the spouse / civil partner or the child of a refugee or of a refugee's spouse or civil partner.

You are considered to be an overseas student if you are one of the following:

  • a non-UK / EU national, or you are in the UK but do not meet the main residency requirements to be classed as a home student.
  • in the UK with 'limited leave to remain' 
  • an EU nationals who does not have 'settled' or 'pre-settled' status

Can my fee status change?

If your immigration status changes after your fee classification has been decided and before you start your course, it may be possible for us to re-assess your fee status with new information that you provide.

If you have already enrolled onto your course and your immigration status changes while you are currently studying it still may be possible for your fee classification to change. This is assessed by your relevant student office / faculty administration team in conjunction with the Student Records Unit and previous information held by Admissions.

For further information relating to fees and financial support please see the Funding, Costs, Fees, and Support page.