Admissions - About us, policies, T&C's

Admissions are responsible for processing your application once it has been submitted to the University and will guide you through the process from point of application to enrolment.

We are also often the first point of contact applicants have with the University before they apply offering excellent levels of customer service and advice regarding the application process, including both full-time undergraduate UCAS applications and direct applications for part-time and postgraduate study.

We have extensive experience dealing with a broad range of qualifications to ensure applicants meet the published entry requirements for their chosen courses. We can offer beneficial advice before you apply to ensure your qualifications meet our requirements.

Once you have applied admissions will shortlist your application against the set entry criteria for the course you have applied for and if successful make you an offer. Some courses require additional prerequisite requirements such as tests, interviews, auditions and portfolio reviews. Admissions will contact you regarding these if relevant to your application.

Admissions will clearly state in your offer what is required in order to meet your offer conditions, it is then up to you to provide admissions with the required documents in order to secure your unconditional offer at the University of Wolverhampton.