Vice-Chancellor Recent Graduate Award

This award recognises the extraordinary achievements of a recent graduate, whose successes have benefited local communities or society at large. Meet the shortlisted finalists:

Selina Jacques-King

BA (Hons) Interpreting (BSL/English) Class of 2012 MA Interpreting Class of 2021

Registered Sign Language Interpreter

Nomination by Shelley Croghan:

I am nominating Selina for the Vice-Chancellor Recent Graduate award for her fascinating MA research into Intersectionality and Interpreting: Exploring Interpreters of colour in the UK. Her research will prove a valuable starting point to understanding the issues faced by interpreters of colour, and therefore contribute to improving the situation and make the profession, as a whole, more aware. This research has been long overdue and will not only help to make a difference for interpreters of colour, but also deaf people of colour, helping them to feel represented. Selina has had a massive impact on the British Sign Language interpreting community via the work that she has done for the Interpreters of Colour Network, her support for the regional branch of ASLI (Association of Sign Language Interpreters) and the importance of her MA research into Intersectionality and the Sign Language Interpreting profession. Selina is a vibrant and committed professional who has broken through systemic barriers of the profession to prove beyond doubt that she is valuable and capable.

Christiane Jenkins

BA (Hons) Sociology & Politics Class of 2021


Nomination by Michael Rees:

Christiane was an outstanding student who made significant contributions to the vulnerable women who she worked with at Goddess Living as part of her volunteering and dissertation work. She continues to work with these women, supporting them in re-entering the community and her music therapy development was praised by the organisation who continue to use it today. Her contribution on the lives of these women is hard to overstate and she would be an extremely deserving recipient of the Vice-Chancellor Recent Graduate Award.

Ronak Agrawal

BSc (Hons) International Business Management (TNE) Class of 2021

Biratnagar International College
Students Recruitment Officer

Nomination by Ronak Agarwal (self):

I have actively volunteered to contribute to saving the lives of people through leading blood donations campaigns. I have also lead the awareness campaigns (schools, colleges, community and streets) to create awareness for people regarding the importance and benefits of blood donations. This work has contributed to the life saving of over 1000 people with over 1200 blood donations. Through these awareness campaigns I have reached over 10,000 people and generated awareness regarding the impact of blood donations in society. Additionally, I have been running training programs for schools and high schools students to enhance their personality and interpersonal skills. The training programs were conducted in different cities throughout Nepal. I am professionally a beauty pageants expert, who has organised many events and I have been a part of over 50 events as a judge/trainer, impacted the life of 1000s of aspiring models who aim to do something better in their lives. Through my events, I have created  business opportunities for many different small businesses who have been hiring daily wage workers. Similarly, I have been working as a bridge between top corporate houses and aspiring youths to persue future careers.

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