Applied Research and Knowledge Transfer

Our research activity is available to support and enhance the activities of industrial, commercial and public sector organisations through three routes:

  • IT Futures Centre
  • Caparo Innovation Centre
  • West Midlands Centre for Construction Excellence

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Brain Tumour UK Neuro-oncology Research Centre

Leading the way in identifying the genetic causes of brain tumours and the treatments to deal with them, our pioneering research at the Brain Tumour UK Neuro-oncology Centre is helping the 8,500 people in the UK who will develop a brain tumour this year.

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Built Environment, Information Systems and Learning Technology Research Centre

The purpose of this centre is to research aspects of Engineering, Information Systems, the Built Environment and Sustainability pertaining to people, process, management and education.

This includes both the management and planning of technology and projects and the impact of technology on people, societies and the environment.

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Engineering and Computer Science Research Centre

The purpose of this centre is to research aspects of Engineering and Computer Science pertaining to their application to the development of innovative technologies through application of aspects of material science, engineering, games technology and computer science to the realisation of tangible and virtual systems or system parts.

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Research Institute in Healthcare Science

Pioneering research into cancer, diabetes, immunity, disinfection and the psychology behind coping with illness are just some of the areas under investigation by the Research Institute in Healthcare Science (RIHS) - a collaboration between three of the University's academic schools.

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