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Digital Innovations and Solution Centre (DISC)

Vision Statement

DISC undertakes world-class fundamental and applied research that creates positive impact on society and the economy. Catalysing and driving the digital innovation economy forward is central to its research mission. The centre undertakes digital technologies research in Cybersecurity, Future Networks & Autonomous Systems, Immersive Technologies, and Intelligent Data that is at the forefront of knowledge creation, is truly innovative, encourages interdisciplinary & cross-sectoral collaboration and is instrumental in architecting and building the digital future and the fourth industrial revolution.

DISC’s vibrant research environment encourages and supports talented researchers to thrive and reach their full potential, enabling them to engage in impactful research that yields high value disruptive digital innovations.

As a beacon of excellence in digital innovation research, the centre supports development of the local and regional digital knowledge economy through extensive industry engagement, and values international research collaboration that develops a diverse international community of creative researchers, encourages sustainable innovative research and results in research outcomes of mutual value.

DISC’s work also plays a pivotal role in research-informed teaching at the University of Wolverhampton – this ensures that students have an excellent learning experience, that they develop knowledge that is at the forefront of their disciplines, and that they are work-ready and equipped for careers in the digital economy.


The overall strategic thrust of DISC is in transforming lives and places by expertly harnessing the skills of its multifaceted staff, in order to bring to bear a broad range of digital technological innovations to address real-world problems with societal and economic impact.

Strategic Priorities and Critical Goals

DISC aims to become a world leading research centre by fostering a research environment that is inclusive and interdisciplinary, and encourages innovation and creativity, to increase originality, significance, and rigour in digital technologies research.

  • Conduct high quality research in partnership with the public and private sector to develop and advance dgital technologies with high societal and economic impacts
  • Enhance commercialisation, exploitation and generation of R&D as areas of research impact
  • Provide access to advanced technical facilities and technical support
  • Enhance our regional and global engagement
  • Increase business engagement in the region by setting up industry challenges that local micro and other SMEs can help solving in vast areas of joined industry and commercial collaborations


Our Researchers

Meet the Team

Dr Naeem Kamran

Dr Samiya Khan

Dr Abimbola Sangodoyin

Dr Neamah Al-Naffakh

Dr Mohammad Al-Sadoon

M Alghodi

A Almadahem

G Ahmadi-Assalemi

M Bello

A Ezenwafor

R Marques

U Okeke

L Onyilokwu

A Otu

A Parkes

S Khalid

RMU Ullah

OM Adeniyi

Y Burney

O Johnphill

AM Rasool

K Ahmed

MR Naseem