Centre for Future Networks and Autonomous Systems (CeFNAS)

At The University of Wolverhampton

Vision statement

CeFNAS undertakes world-class research into core technologies, communications systems, and applications that directly underpin the digital future and the fourth industrial (digital) revolution. The centre’s work is driven by the vision of a hyper-connected future comprising seamlessly connected devices and services that enable novel, low friction, high-value experiences across personal, societal, and industrial contexts.

Research excellence is at the heart of the centre’s approach to fundamental and applied research, and its aim is to be a major contributor to the evolution of next generation networks - with a specific focus on network autonomy, reliability, and ultra-low latency.

Its approach to PhD and post-doctoral research, and engagement with research programmes provides members with the platform to nurture, build and excel in their research capability and to become part of a respected international community of researchers.

Key Research areas

The centre has five research priorities: IoT/Sensor Technologies, Network & Wireless Communication Systems, Satellite Communications, Embedded Systems, and Enterprise Systems.

Applied research focuses on the enabling capability of wireless connectivity for enhanced productivity and disruptive innovation in factory production chains, mobility, health care & social care, education, energy & environmental management, and heritage management.

Fundamental research focuses on next generation end-user equipment, modulation & coding for next generation communication, radio resource management, network security, green networks, network automation, 3D-communication, intelligent sensing, and human-machine interaction.