New scholarship launched to help hard working students

The University has launched the ‘Student Achievement Scholarship’ which entitles eligible students to £1000 in their first year, providing they maintain their study and course attendance requirements.

The scheme is aimed at students on full-time undergraduate courses who are nominated by the University’s partner schools and colleges. It is awarded to students who have been identified by their school or college as having achieved better progress in their studies compared with earlier expectations, for example those based upon modular results and predicted course or exam grades.

Among those celebrating receiving a scholarship are six students at Pendeford Business and Enterprise College in Wolverhampton, who collected their A-Level results today (Thursday, 20 August 2009). The college invited students to apply in writing to them for the scholarship, and then the teachers nominated eligible students to the University.

Brian Griffiths, Assistant Headteacher at Pendeford B & E College, said: "In view of the current employment situation and concerns over student debt, it is to the great credit of the University of Wolverhampton to provide these scholarships which will help to support local young people in their quest for qualifications and better career prospects."

Diana Bannister, Associate Director for Education Partnerships at the University, said: “We have had an overwhelming response to the scholarships. The students deserve to be recognised for their hard work and this financial reward will undoubtedly make a huge difference as they begin their University degree studies.”

Students must have demonstrated to the partner school or college that they are well motivated and engaged with their learning, for example through attendance, participation and handing in of work. They must also have indicated a genuine interest in continuing their studies into higher education and made an application through UCAS and committed to enrolling at the University.

The Scholarship is not related to student or family income and is unaffected by any other scholarships or bursaries that students may receive.

In their first year at the University, students who have been awarded a Student Achievement Scholarship will receive two payments of £500 – the first in January and the second in April - following appropriate checks that they are eligible for payment. Eligibility is based on nomination for the scholarship, enrolment on an appropriate course and study and course attendance.

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