FEHW Student Services

Offering support and advice covering all aspects of the student experience.

Our Services/Helpful Links

  • Wolverhampton Campus - Harrison Library, MD Building
  • Walsall Campus - Performance Hub Library, WH Building
  • Burton Campus - MEC foyer, Queens Hospital
  • Telford Campus - Angad Paul foyer, SA Building

If you have a query we would recommend logging a helpdesk call through e:Vision for the fastest response (at peak times we guarantee to respond within 3-5 working days). 

A key benefit to using the Helpdesk call is it's very easy to track, update and have a record of your query and our responses. 

You can log into e:Vision here. 

Please note we recommend logging a help desk call via eVision first.

Call us on 01902 518600.

Our Student Appointment Management System is accessible at any time so that you can make an appointment to see your Personal Tutor/Module Leader/Course Leader/Student Advisor or any member of academic staff. Book your appointment here.

Log a Helpdesk Call

Log a Helpdesk Call

Via e:Vision

Meet The Team

Our Student Advisors are here to support you in a professional and confidential way by either resolving or referring your query to one of our many professional services within the University.

Student Advisors work closely with the various support networks within the University and are supported by our Graduate Interns. Please see the points below for some examples of our support.

  • Sign posting to Support and Wellbeing Services
  • Support with progression
  • Advice on extensions and extenuating circumstances claims
  • Mentor Graduate Interns
  • Support students with attainment and retention

Student Advisor - Manny Kaur

Telephone No - 01902 518809

Manny is based in Wolverhampton/Telford team working part-time and supports Social Work undergrad (City) MA Social Work (Telford), Psychology (City) and emergency courses (Telford).

Student Advisor - Gemma Thompson

Telephone No - 01902 518882

Gemma is based in Walsall/Burton team and supports all Institute of Health courses delivered at Walsall/Burton campuses

Student Advisor: Jo Marriott

Telephone No - 01902 323051

Joanne is based in Wolverhampton/Telford team and supports pre-registration Nursing courses delivered at Wolverhampton/Telford campuses and Sports courses at Walsall.

Student Advisor - Christopher Jones

Telephone No -  01902 323188

Chris is based in Walsall/Burton team and supports Institute of Education courses and Performing Arts courses

Student Advisor - Grace Deakin

Telephone No -  01902 518893

Grace is based in Wolverhampton/Telford team and supports Institute of Health courses delivered at Wolverhampton/Telford campuses (excluding pre-registration Nursing) and all Institute of Community & Society (excluding Social Work).

  • Chris Peebles
  • Joanne Marriott
  • Chris Peebles 
  • Adam Butler
  • Grace Deakin 
  • James Lee
  • Manny Kaur

  • Nicola Faulkner
  • Shirley Seager
  • Sharon Sedgwick
  • Gemma Thompson 
  • Christopher Jones 

  • Jacqueline Maltman

  • Gemma Howarth