Case studies

The company required the development of high potential staff to become future leaders in the organisation and create robust future succession plans. The maxim ‘develop the people, bank the cash’ required measurable improvement through strategic projects.

We designed a 15 day accredited day programme that blends academic concepts with practical hands-on application. This included the identification of improvements in strategic areas of the organisation. Participants were required to recruit an executive sponsor, engage with a variety of stakeholder groups and investigate initiatives that could be applied and evaluated. Through formal presentation of these projects and supporting development, participants gained a University Certificate in Management Studies (CMS) plus a CMI Level 7 Award in Strategic Management & Leadership, plus valuable development and recognition to demonstrate their learning.

As a result of the programme, the firm has recouped their investment several times over and have a highly focussed pool of staff with greater insight, understanding and skills to manage with impact in the organisation.

In 2012 ZF Lemforder UK Ltd entered into a partnership with the University of Wolverhampton and a local College to design and accredit a framework incorporating flexible design with step-on step-off progression routes for all staff. This included new recruits entering the business via apprenticeship programmes to leadership and management opportunities for junior/middle management and the executive group. This supported the need for significant business transformation and cultural change. During these challenges, output and quality of service had to be maintained.

The University have supported the organisation through the long term strategic partnership. The middle management programme was accredited by CMI at level 5 and a bespoke Executive programme designed incorporating 360 feedback, development planning and the creation of strategic plans to support culture change.

During the Partnership, the company KPI performance measures have dramatically improved and ZF Lemforder have received recognition from a national professional body and obtained a Developing People Award.

A joint programme of bespoke Leadership and Change Management study days designed to support staff through the challenges of transforming community services and further developing leadership and change management skills.

A programme of bespoke Leadership and Change Management was designed and jointly delivered with another Faculty. The objectives were to demonstrate critical awareness and understanding of the political context of organisations and underpinning policies, the management of change in organisations, leadership theory and practice and its role in personal development and the use of reflection and action learning in the workplace.

Participant testimonial:

"Sessions had big elements of joint working and discussing analysis (Psychometric results) with colleagues who were able to give insight on qualities or deficiencies you were not aware of. The action planning was helpful too. The module provided helpful management skills to work efficiently within my team."

In a period of change and uncertainty, there was a need to upskill staff at different levels and support career transition, progression and development within new structures. We designed series of programmes focusing on key requirements at two levels, Finance for non Financial Managers and further accredited modules including Performance Management, Organisational Direction and Strategic Leadership Practice.

Participants were able to create and implement development plans according to their specific needs whilst gaining the skills required by the organisation. Postgraduate level qualifications were gained by those completing the programme.

The organisation had identified the need to foster a group of high-potential candidates with the skills and ability to develop a critical understanding of strategic business issues and prepare them for more senior positions. We created an accredited programme tailored to their needs that lasted 6 days and provided a platform for a series of change initiatives that were ultimately presented and evaluated by the Executive team.

The outcomes included succession plans established for participants - a key organisational driver, an enhanced culture across different business units/locations and a series of innovation plans which resulted from projects completed as part of the programme that were subsequently incorporated into the organisation’s Business plan.