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Studying the effect of art, craft and design on society is the focus for CADRE, the University’s Centre for Art, Design, Research and Experimentation.

From the social interaction inherent in new media technologies, the theory and practice of cultural agency, experiments in dialogic collaborations for curation, to exploratory material processes for performative objects – the Research Centre investigates a broad range of artistic practices that influence the way we think, feel and behave.


Recent PhDs

Recent research investigations, both practice-led and theoretical have included:

  • Art, Landscape and Material, Subject into Media: A theoretical and practical investigation into the European genre of landscape art, the Plein-Air methodology and the involvement of actual land materials in the development of Post War creative practice.
  • Dualism and the Critical Languages of Portraiture
  • The Cyborg Subject: parallax realities, functions of consciousness and the void of subjectivity
  • Instances of the Emergence of the Documentary Real in Relational and Post-Relational Art Practice
  • The investigation into the development of glass as an expressive medium in China through direct contact with Western methods of making, decorating and forming


Choosing the right course of study

A research degree – MPhil (Master of Philosophy) or PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) – is an individual academic investigation carried out under the supervision of a small team of specialists who offer high-level advice, support and training. Typically, for both degrees you are required to:


  1. develop and articulate a clear aim or research question
  2. review the relevant literature in the field
  3. apply an appropriate methodology or theoretical framework to your investigation.


Apply for a research degree

There are two ways to apply to study for a research degree:


  1. Expression of interest: If you are a prospective research student and would like to receive more information about undertaking a research programme at the University of Wolverhampton please visit Apply to be a Research Student.
  2. Apply for a funded studentship: opportunities will be promoted via our CADRE webpage when available. 

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