Dr Vinita Nahar

Dr Vinita NaharResearch Institute in Information and Language Processing (RIILP

Vinita Nahar is a Research Fellow at the Research Group in Computational Linguistics, University of Wolverhampton. She has completed her PhD on "On Detection of Cyberbullying in Social Networks" at the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineeringthe University of Queensland, Australia. She also won prestigious Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship (Australia and New Zealand) 2013 for her PhD project on cyberbullying detection, academic excellence and contribution to the field of Computer Science.

Her research interest includes applications of natural language processing (NLP) for cyber security, social networks analysis for sensitive event and cyberbullying detection, sentiment analysis, data mining, text mining, machine learning, and information retrieval.

Are you safe online? – User-based harassment detection in Twitter

Twitter provides a fertile ground for online abuse and harassment worldwide. However, early detection of user-directed abusive messages enables better prevention of potentially tragic outcomes, such as suicide attempts in case of cyberbullying. Aim of her ERAS project is to investigate NLP tools and techniques for Harassment Detection in Twitter. The project focuses on the analysis of inappropriate, and user-oriented tweets to reason out and to form a concept behind those comments such as hate, racism, violence, anger, threat or complaint.