Dr Aglaia Foteinou

Dr Aglaia FoteinouFaculty of Arts

Dr Aglaia Foteinou has been a Lecturer in Music Technology, Department of Music, Faculty of Arts, University of Wolverhampton since 2014. She obtained both MSc and PhD degrees in Music Technology from the University of York. Her research focuses on virtual acoustics, auralization, computer modeling and perceptual evaluations.

Aglaia has collaborated on a variety of national and international projects related with acoustic modeling and impulse response measurements of Heritage sites. Her work has been awarded and presented in several national and international conferences. She is a member of Institute of Acoustics (IOA), Audio Engineering Society (AES), Acta Acustica United with Acustica, Hellenic Institute of Acoustics (HELINA). 

3D sound production for live performances based on object-based approach

Three-dimensional (3D) visualization of spaces is commonly used nowadays giving the opportunity to the audience/user to fully explore a virtual space. Auralization is considered as the audio equivalent to visualization and through its application the audience can experience the acoustics of a virtual space as they were present. There is an increased interest in this subject as part of cinema, game audio industry and film production with 3D sound reproduction systems. The proposed project will focus on a case study, aiming to investigate the perceptual results of applying 3D sound for live performances.