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The Scholars Programme
The Brilliant Club’s Researcher Development Programme offers PhD and Early Career Researchers a meaningful, paid, professional development opportunity. Its mission is to support pupils from underrepresented backgrounds to have fair access to university. It does this by training PhD researchers as tutors to deliver The Scholars Programme in non-selective state schools.

Researcher development benefits
Training and working with The Brilliant Club develops Vitae compatible competencies. Our outcomes framework enables researchers to:

  • Communicate their research to a non-specialist audience
  • Gain valuable teaching and public engagement experience
  • Deepen their knowledge of the UK education system

Tutors working with us will:

  • Support local pupils from underrepresented backgrounds to access university
  • Get expert training and real experience to develop their teaching and other transferable skills
  • Earn £500 per placement, plus an additional £100 for designing a new course, and travel expenses
  • Join a nationwide community of like-minded researchers making a significant impact on university access

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To find out more
For more information, and to access the online application form, please visit the Brilliant Club WEBSITE