Researchers' Week 2021 Programme

DOWNLOAD the full Researchers' Week 2021 Programme

To access the presentations visit the schedules for ARC (Day 1 & 2) and Researchers' Week Events (Day 3-5) and click on the link to presentation you wish to watch. All live sessions will be recorded.

Conference etiquette

When joining a live presentation hosted in Microsoft Teams, your microphone will be turned off by default, so you can concentrate on the presentation rather background noise from your fellow viewers.

Teams bar

  • Wiggle the mouse to open the bar
  • Show chat to write questions/comments and see others contributions
  • You can choose whether to turn your webcam on, or simply watch and listen. 
  • The presenter may also decide to take verbal questions (time allowing). To ask questions, raise your hand. The presenter will come to you at an appropriate time to unmute your mic.

To maximise your viewing experience you should close all other programs you are not using to improve speed.

Recommended browser: Chrome or Firefox. On Mac OS X, Firefox is recommended.