ARC2021 - Day 2 Presentation Schedule

How to access the presentations

Some of the presentations below were either pre-recorded or a recording of the live session is available by clicking on the pink hyperlink (hosted by Panopto).


Welcome – Professor Silke Machold, Dean of Research [Recording] (pg23)


Parallel Session 1

Parallel Session 2

Parallel Session 3

Parallel Session 4


Professor Ruoling ChenAssociation between air pollution exposure and risk of Alzheimer’s disease: a population-based cohort study [Recording] (pg24) 

Sport, physical activity and wellbeing [Recording] (pg27-28)

Professor Andy Lane - Emotion Regulation of Others and Self, During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

James Maurice - Exploring the workings of the athletic triangle (player, parent, coach) during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Dr Gavin Ward - Race and ethnicity as verbs: Using an action position on race to capture a student’s experience of a university campus. 

Law Research: the Next Generation [Recording] (pg31-32)

Ayodeji Ariyo, ‘Directors’ Duty to Creditors’

Kay Dunn, ‘Women’s Traditional Knowledge in the United Kingdom’

Elizabeth Ivwurie, ‘Management Contracts in The Nigerian Creative Industries’

Discussants: Dr Metka Potočnik and Professor Pete Walton (15 minutes for comments; 15 minutes for audience Q&A)

Dr Joanne Lloyd & Dr Laura Nicklin - It’s the attraction of winning that draws you in” – reasons and facilitators for videogame loot box engagement in UK gamers [Recording] (pg35) 


Paula McLean - Reclaiming the Silenced Voices of Black Women’s Experiences in the Criminal Justice System [Recording] (pg24) 


Dr Wendy Nicholls - A Seven-Day Remote Intervention to Manage Food Cravings and Emotions during the COVID-19 Pandemic [Live] (pg35) 


Fatma GuzelCovid-19 pandemic experiences of migrated Turkish-speaking mothers of children with autism in mainstream schools [Recording] (pg25) 


Dr Joanne Lloyd & Dr Laura Nicklin - That’s nothing, have you seen this one?: Harmful [mis]information through the normalization and exchange of explicit violent content via social media [Recording] (pg36)


Professor Peter Lavender - Understanding the benefits of international work to UK colleges, their staff and students [Recording] (pg25) 

Raheem SarwarContract Plagiarism Detection [Recording] (pg29) 

Dr Metka PotočnikInterdisciplinarity in Intellectual Property Research: a Case for Inclusive Theoretical Lenses & Mixed-Methods Design [Recorded] (pg32)



Dr Eun Sun Godwin, Dr Jenni Jones, Tanya Mpofu, Josh Whale & Adam YardleyEffective Trans-National Education (TNE) partnership and students sense of belonging [Recording] (pg26) 

Matthew BickleyA systematic method for identifying references to academic research in grey literature [Recorded] (pg29)

James StanyerInclusive Growth – The way forwards for the West Midlands? [Recorded] (pg33)

Laura Buzzing - Exploring the role of cultural orientation on pain experience and coping strategies of pain patients. [Recording] (pg37) 

12:30 -12:40


Karl Royle - Three and a bit ideas in 6 minutes – underpinnings and new beginnings – mixed with agility [Pecha Kucha - Live] (pg26) 

Judith HamiltonWhat do you think about how your students speak? [Recorded] (pg30) 

Samna SagadevanElucidating the role of NF- kB in Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition and Cancer Stem Cell characteristics using CRISPR Cas9 NF-kB knock out Glioblastoma cells [recorded] (pg33)

Dr Lisa J. Orchard & Dr Wendy NichollsUsing social media to the b(r)e(a)st of its ability [recorded Pecha Kucha] (pg37)







Thaïsa Hughes - The use of cognitive apprenticeship ‘modelling’ in teaching sign language interpreters in the healthcare domain. [recorded] (pg27)

Le An HaPredicting Goodreads Literary works Average Review Scores [recorded] (pg30)


Benjamin Small A Novel Formulation of an Existing Anti-Alcoholism Drug for Pancreatic Cancer Treatment [recorded]

Gowtham Rajendran Using Zinc diethyldithiocarbamate to improve the treatment outcomes of Multiple myeloma [recorded] (pg34)

Kathryn DudleyA Delphi study to identify whether Biomedical Scientists are adequately prepared for practice [recorded] (pg38)

1 -1:30

Lunch Break


Closing remarks & competition winners – Professor Silke Machold, Dean of Research [Recording]