ARC2021 - Day 1 Presentation Schedule

How to access the presentations

Some of the presentations below were either pre-recorded or a recording of the live session is available by clicking on the pink hyperlink (hosted by Panopto).


Welcome to ARC Day 1 – Professor Geoff Layer, Vice Chancellor

Launch of the Research & Innovation Sub-Strategy - Professor Silke Machold [Recording] (pg3)


Parallel Session 1

Parallel Session 2

Parallel Session 3

Parallel Session 4


Dr Sean Starr, Prof Alan Nevill and Prof Michael Jopling - Exploring children’s and young people’s resilience in schools: A multilevel model approach (pg4)

Professor Keith GildartThe Legacy of Coal: Navigating the Politics of Mining Heritage in Lancashire and North Wales [Recording] (pg8)

Sport, physical activity and wellbeing [Recording] (pg13-14)

Dr Kay Biscomb & Dr Kathryn Leflay - The Snakes & Ladders of Print Media Reporting on the Impact of Covid-19 on Professional Sport in England

Professor Tracey Devonport - A cross-cultural exploratory study of health behaviours & wellbeing during COVID-19

Lewis Grant - Current Perceptions and Potential Influences of Skill and Physical Inter-Limb Asymmetries within Soccer

Professor Tracey Devonport - Walking on thin ice: Exploring demands and means of coping during an extreme expedition

Emily Elwell, Sara Fontani & Dr Stefano VaglioThe scent enriched lemur: Towards successful captive breeding practices for endangered primates. [Recording] (pg19)


Tracy Wallis - Becoming a Teacher – the experiences of primary teacher trainees on an employment-based route (pg4)

Professor Laura UgoliniMental illness and families: the case of English middle-class fathers and sons, c. 1900-1918 [Recording] (pg8)

Dr Emmanuel DanielMind the Gap: Reducing the Housing Shortage in the UK through Lean-Offsite-Simulation Nexus. [Recording] (pg19)


Prof John Traxler, Prof Petar Jandrić, Prof Sarah Hayes, Dr Stuart Connor - Thinking Ahead – Three Worldviews and a Pandemic (pg5)

Susie Hawkes & Dr Mahuya KanjilalSupporting Families experiencing Domestic Violence & Abuse During Covid-19 [Recording] (pg9)

Dr Fideline Tchuenbou-MagaiaEngineering a New Generation of Pleasure Foods: Zero Sugar Added Chocolate Spreads Fortified with Vitamin D. [Recording] (pg20) 


Rami Muhtaseb - Social Media Use in Formal and Informal Science Learning in Palestine and the influence of Culture [Recording] (pg5)

Natalie Quinn-Walker - Out of the shadows - how information prevision of broadcasters can support affected by abuse and violence. [Recorded] (pg9) 

Diego RodriguesMothers’ Childcare and Labour Supply Choices: An Empirical, Comparative Analysis Between Brazil and United Kingdom [Recording] (pg20) 


Professors Michael A. Peters, Petar Jandrić & Sarah Hayes - Bioinformational Philosophy and Postdigital Knowledge Ecologies (pg6)

Jenni Jones, Adam Burns, Alex Phillips, Emma Edwards, Judith Hamilton  - Feedback about feedback; maximising the impact of our feedback [Recording] (pg10)

Dr Lee Yarwood-Ross - Acceptance – a grounded theory study of combat-related limb-loss in veterans from the Iraq & Afghanistan conflicts. (pg15)

Dr Benjamin Halligan Seen, Not Heard: The Regal Mode of Imperial Legitimation [Recording] (pg21)

12:30 -12:55

Dr Matt SmithInteractive Courseware To Connect Discussion To Course Material: So What? [Recording] (pg6)

Lynn ButlerBeing and Learning’ vs. ‘Having and Consuming’ - Long-term effects of marketization within HE [Recording] (pg10)

Taiwo Jumoke Ahme Hearing the voices of Governance Officers in an NHS Trust - Ensuring Accountability [Recorded] (pg15)

Dr Rob FrancisThe Chain Coral Chorus: A poetry Reading [Recording] (pg21)




Symposium - Levelling the Playing Field: Using methodology to reduce the power imbalance in the research field. [Recording] (pg7)

Dr Debra Cureton - Introduction

Suzanne Roberts - Auto Driven Photo Elicitation in pain management narratives

Dr Juliet Drummond  - Use of concepts maps in research

Thivashni Naidu - Scrapbooks & Facebook as interview tools for Bedouin girls

Dr Lucy Kelsall Knight - Composite Characterisation in narrative enquiry

Clare Dickens - Story boarding and narratives in experiences of suicide

Associate Professors Jenni Jones, Julie Hughes & Debra Cureton - Consensus Oriented Research Approach and Metaphor Analysis in educational research.

Discussant thoughts

Round table discussion

Tianxing PuOpen the Blackbox of innovation in family SMEs [Recording] (pg11)

Mattia Parati – Smart bio-solutions: Synthesis of biomaterials from waste [Recording] (pg16)

Somewhere In-between  
and Militantly Progressive Views: Perspectives on Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity from the University of Wolverhampton’s English Literature Team
[Recording] (pg22) 

Dr Helen Davies - The Sins of the Mother? Down Syndrome, Feminism, and Ableism in Contemporary Women's Writing

Dr Daisy Black - Diverse women said… Storytelling, Research and Shipping Chaucer’s Women

Dr Nicola Allen  - Tove Jansson’s 'ecotopian' alternative’ to the Anthropocenic futures

Dr Benjamin Colbert  - Penury, Obloquy, and Neglect: The Invisibility (and Making Visible) of Early Women Travel Writers, 1780-1840’  

Dr Aidan Byrne and Professor Sebastian Groes - Novel Perceptions: towards an inclusive canon of English Literature’


Haruna N-yoOstracization of the Deported in Origin Countries: The Ghanaian Example [Recording] (pg11)

Sam SwinglerA Mould War: Developing an Armamentarium Utilising Bacterial Cellulose Against Fungal Invaders [Recording] (pg16) 


Teodyl NkuintchuaExploring accountability in environmental civil society organisations (CSOs) in Congo [Recording] (pg12)

Dr Ayman Antoun ReyadEfficacy and safety of Naltrexone/Bupropion compared to placebo in obesity management [recorded] (pg17)

3:00 - 3:25



Dr Ayman Antoun Reyad - Efficacy and Safety of Ubrogepant in the Management of Migraine [recorded] (pg17)



Kinza Khan – The Plasma Membrane Calcium ATPase 4 determines cell adhesion molecule expression on the aortic endothelium [recorded] (pg18)