Centre for Psychological Research

The Centre for Psychological Research (CPR) is focused on high-quality research that advances psychological theory and practice in ways that are of benefit to individuals and society.

We are advancing the discipline in ways that reflect the changes in society. For example, the increasing use of digital technologies leads us to research in cyberpsychology.

As a discipline, we conduct research in a broad range of topics and with a diverse range of methodological approaches. We conduct research which is inclusive, transformative, rigorous and are committed to the cause of Open Science.  

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The CPR has monthly 'open' meetings, the purpose of which is to provide research-related training/professional development, discussion and decision-making on key research priorities, knowledge-sharing and collaboration. We see multi-disciplinary collaboration as important for the health of our research and we cordially invirte anyone from across the University to join us where there is an interest in working together. The meeting schedule for the coming months is detailed below. Please contact Dr Niall Galbraith (n.galbraith@wlv.ac.uk) or Alex Worton (a.worton2@wlv.ac.uk) if you wish to join us.

Some venue details are yet to be confirmed but will be updated in due course.

Open meeting theme



The CPR looking forward

10 August 2022


Increasing the quality of research outputs

14 September 2022


Five-year plan in the flesh: an example of a research plan

12 October 2022


Bidding success knowledge sharing: the story of a bid from idea to award

9 November 2022


Launching a research impact case study


14 December 2022


Building collaborations: The CPR welcomes the School of Society and Community and the School of Public Health Studies

11 January 2023


Growing our PGRs

8 February 2023


Open research practices – how can this benefit us as researchers?

March 2023


Building collaborations: The CPR welcomes the Business School

April 2023


Commercial income bidding

May 2023


How can we eliminate unhelpful systems which impede research?

June 2023


No Meeting

July 2023


No Meeting

August 2023


Putting people together: an introduction to the bid team Trello board

September 2023