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Centre for Transnational and Transcultural Research

The Centre for Transnational and Transcultural Research (CTTR) is located in the School of Humanities, Faculty of Arts, but with affiliates from other Faculties and Honorary Research Fellows based at universities in Bulgaria, France, Poland, and Spain.

Founded in 2010, CTTR promotes multidisciplinary research around a core of research specialisms in English studies and comparative literature, European studies, linguistics, South Asian studies, religion, cultural heritage, and creative writing. Its members have contributed internationally recognized and world leading research to the 2014 Research Assessment Framework (REF) for English Language & Literature and for Area Studies.

Members’ research includes the ongoing ‘Xenographies’ project investigating representations of the foreign in literature, travel writing, and other discourses; a database project, British Travel Writing 1780-1840; a Leverhulme-funded investigation, Dalit Punjab Identity and Experience; and an AHRC-funded public outreach project on Fiction by British politicians. Other research ranges from Victorian literature and visual cultures to San folktales; from Czech ethnonyms to insider/outsider binaries in the study of religion. In all of this research is a concern with the permeable borders between experience, literature, culture, and peoples in the present and in the past.

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Research areas

European Studies

This research is characterised by a European or European diasporic dimension. Areas of activity include:

  • Communism and post-communism
  • European integration and enlargement
  • Immigration and identity
  • Comparative European literature
  • European linguistics: Pragmatics and discourse analysis

South Asian Studies

This focus is on the ideas, faiths, and group identities manifest in South Asian cultures, as well as migrant communities within the United Kingdom. Areas of activity include:

  • Dalit Punjabi identity
  • Contemporary Indian feminism
  • Sikh studies

Transcultural Writing

This research focuses on cross-cultural literary exchange, travel writing, cultural theory, and the development of trans-national reading communities through international networks of translation and publishing. Areas of activity include:

  • Travel writing and translation
  • American (and trans-Atlantic) literature
  • Comparative European literature
  • Caribbean and black British writing
  • Welsh writing in English

Intercultural Media

This focus is on inter-media research in text and image, the relations between marginal and mainstream cultures, and the genres and forms of cultural transmission. Areas of activity include:

  • Popular literature and culture
  • Literature, Film, Painting, and adaptation
  • William Morris and the Arts and Crafts Movement