Dr Esther Asprey

Dr Esther Asprey

Senior Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics

  • Email address E.Asprey3@wlv.ac.uk
  • Faculty Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Institute School of Humanities
  • Areas of expertise

    I am a sociolinguist and dialectologist who specialises in the structure of West Midlands dialects. I published the first complete scholarly account of Black Country dialect. I am currently working on dialect in literature, dialect boundaries, and accent perceptions. 

I am interested in regional dialects, how they change over time and from place to place, and what might contribute to them changing. As well as this I am a keen learner of Irish and am learning Welsh. In my spare time I travel and research the history of local places in the Midlands. 

Faculty of Arts, Business and Social Sciences,

City Campus North – MX103,

Camp Street,

University of Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton  WV1 1AD

British Association of Applied Linguistics, Ordinary Member

Linguistics Association of Great Britain, Ordinary Member

MA Hons (Edin) English Language and German, 2:1

MA (Leeds) English Language and World Englishes, Distinction

PhD, Leeds.

PGCert Professional Practice, Aston University.

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


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