Research & Enterprise in Education, Health & Wellbeing

Centre for Health and Social Care Improvement (CHSCI)

The Centre for Health and Social Care Improvement (CHSCI) has been established for over 12 years and is now co-located within the Institute of Health and Institute of Comunity and Society in the FEHW. CHSCI is staffed by researchers from a range of professions and disciplines across health, social care and wellbeing; consequently our research has broad professional scope. Our mission in CHSCI is to be a Centre of excellence in health and social care research to inform, support and enhance policy, education, practice and service provision in health and wellbeing. 

CHSCI also incorporates the Centre for Applied Research and Education (CARE), which is a Dementia group set up primarily for decision making, information sharing, and establishing an identity and point of contact within the University for dementia work.