Internal Preparations for REF

Reporting into the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Silke Machold, the Dean of Research, is responsible for co-ordinating the institution’s REF submission.  Professor Machold is supported by Dr Camelia Dijkstra, Head of Research Services.

REF Strategy Panel

The REF Strategy Panel meets quarterly and oversees the institution’s preparations for the REF in 2021 and reports into the University Research Committee.    The Panel’s membership is drawn from Institutes, Faculties (including Associate Deans of Research) and Professional Services. The Panel seeks to ensure that all aspects of the submission are maximised.

The full membership is: 

Professor Geoff Layer, Vice Chancellor (Chair)
Professor Silke Machold, Dean of Research (Vice Chair)
Professor Keith Burnham, FSE Nominee
Dr Ben Halligan, Director, The Doctoral College
Professor Tracy Warr, Academic Board Nominee
Professor Dew Harrison, FoA Nominee
Professor Nazira Karodia, Academic Board Nominee & Athen Swan Coordinator
Professor Andy Lane, FEHW Nominee
Professor Peter Walton, FoSS Nominee
Professor Gary Sheffield, Academic Board Nominee
Professor Mike Thelwall, Academic Board Nominee
Dr Camelia Dijkstra, Head of Research Services
Ms Jo-Anne Watts, DSAS Nominee

Units of Assessment (UOAs) & Unit of Assessment Co-ordinators

The institution intends to submit the research endeavour of a number of Units of Assessment and has appointed Co-ordinator(s) for each.  The Co-ordinator is responsible for coordinating, managing and signing off the REF2021 return for their assigned unit of assessment.  This includes ensuring the timely return of full, appropriate and accurate information for all sections of the UOA return in accordance with the requirements set out by Research England, University and Faculty in a manner that ensures optimal quality of the return.  The Co-ordinators meet together quarterly with the Dean of Research. 

UOA Title UOA Co-ordinator Faculty/RI 
3 Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing & Pharmacy  Professor Tracy Warr

4 Psychology, Psychiatry & Neuroscience Professor Maria Uther FEHW
11 Computer Science & Informatics Professor Amar Aggoun,
Professor Mohammad Patwary & Dr Haider Al-Khateeb
12 Engineering Professor N'dy Ekere &
Professor Gary Hix
13 Architecture, Built Environment & Planning Professor Mike Fullen &
Professor Chaminda Pathirage
17 Business & Management Professor Sibel Yamak &
Dr Roya Rahimi


18 Law Professor Peter Walton &
Richard Glover
20 Social Work & Social Policy Professor Laura Caulfield  FEHW & FABSS
23 Education Professor Michael Jopling &
Professor Sarah Hayes
FEHW (+pedagogic research from all faculties)
24 Sport & Exercise Sciences, Leisure & Tourism Professor Tracey Devonport FEHW
25 Area Studies Professor Meena Dhanda &
Dr Aleksandra Galasinska
26 Modern Languages & Linguistics Professor Ruslan Mitkov, Richard Evans &
Dr Amanda Bloore
27 English Language & Literature Professor Sebastian Groes &
Dr Ben Colbert
28 History Dr Simon Constatine FABSS
32  Art & Design: History, Practice & Theory Professor Dew Harrison FABSS
33 Music, Drama, Dance, Performing Arts, Film and Screen Studies Dr Richard Glover &
Dr Fran Pheasant-Kelly
34 Communication, Cultural and Media Studies, Library and Information Management Professor Mike Thelwall RIILP