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CLASS OF 2023: Home is where the heart is for graduate receiving Honorary Award

A portrait of Honorary Graduate Shaun Aldis holding his award

The University of Wolverhampton has shown that home really is where the heart is after presenting one of its graduates with an Honorary Fellowship. 

Shaun Aldis became Chief Executive for Wolverhampton Homes in 2018. He has a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in social housing, both in housing management and asset management, where he has held operational management and executive positions.  

Honorary awards are presented by the University of Wolverhampton to people who have made a significant contribution to their field of expertise. 

Shaun is a member of Chartered Institute of Management and Fellow of the chartered Institute of Housing. He holds degrees in both Housing and Business Studies, the latter from the University of Wolverhampton where he studied at the Compton Campus. 

Over the years Shaun has regularly featured in 'ask the expert' for Inside Housing and has held a number of Board positions, including Chairman of the National Housing Maintenance Forum.  

His relationship with the University continues as he works closely with the School of Architecture and Built Environment at the University’s £120M Springfield Campus, delivering innovative pilot projects with students and academics, such as “home in a box”, modular construction, net zero housing and he is currently working on a project to 3D print a Wolverhampton prototype home.   

Shaun said: “I am deeply humbled and honoured to receive this honorary degree from the University of Wolverhampton for contributions to the field of social housing and the built environment. For me, housing is not just bricks and mortar; it’s about providing individuals and families with a sense of security, stability and a place to call home.  

"Throughout my career, I have seen the transformative power of safe and affordable housing in improving lives and communities. This recognition is a testament to the collective efforts of countless people I have worked with, dedicated to addressing the many challenges in housing. It also recognises the contributions from the educational establishments, in particular the University of Wolverhampton who have made it possible. 

"On behalf of all of those who have worked tirelessly to make housing a fundamental right for all, I accept this degree with pride, and I am committed to continuing this important work in the years to come.” 

The University’s graduation ceremonies take place at the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton, from Thursday 14 September to Friday 22 September 2023. 

Graduates are encouraged to keep in touch with the Alumni team and take advantage of a range of benefits and support on offer to them including a discount for Postgraduate study and opportunities to benefit from mentoring, volunteering and career advice.   

For information about courses to study at the University visit the website. 


For more information please contact the Corporate Communications Team.

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