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CLASS OF 2023: Double celebrations as mother and daughter graduate together

Graduating mum and daughter looking at the camera

Article written by James Vukmirovic at the Express & Star.

It was a day of family celebrations as a mother and daughter graduated from university on the same day.

Michelle Simcox and Ellie Challenor from Wolverhampton were both dressed up in robes and mortar boards for their big day of graduating from Wolverhampton University as undergraduates.

The pair were part of two different ceremonies on Tuesday, with 47-year-old Michelle graduating with a 2:1 degree in Textiles at the 10.30am ceremony and Surface Pattern and 22-year-old Ellie with a first in English in the 2.30pm ceremony, both held at the Grand Theatre.

They joined thousands of students across a week completing their studies at the university across the week, with Michelle saying she had chosen to do a degree to better herself and study alongside her daughter.

She said: "We're a single parent family, so I wanted to do something for Ellie and to better myself for my daughter.

"It's been hard work as we've been renovating the house at the same time and working part time, so it's been a struggle, but well worth it.

"It's definitely an achievement and I'm very proud of what I've done and what my daughter's done."

Ellie said she was very proud of her mum for achieving what she had and said her own high grade was worth the struggle.

She said: "It's been really good as we've been able to do university together and I've been able to struggle alongside my mum and have the experiences together.

"I'm extremely proud of my mum as I didn't think she would go along with me and when she told me she was doing it, I told her that it was amazing, because it's not a usual thing that happens.

"I'm very pleased with my degree and had the expectation of a first as I like to overachieve and I'm very passionate about things and wanted to get the best grade."

Both admitted to nerves before going on stage at the Grand Theatre to get their degrees, but said it was an extremely proud moment.

Ellie said: "I was petrified as it seemed like a lot, but my mum told me it was absolutely fine and I just followed in her footsteps."

Michelle said: "I was absolutely fine and I did wave while I was on stage, albeit to the wrong person.

"I'd just like to say that it's never too late for follow your dreams, no matter what age you are and you can do this."

Read more about the graduations in this article by James in the Express & Star.


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