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University endurance talk pushes boundaries

Rosie Stancer, endurance athlete, standing with arms folded

The University of Wolverhampton is hosting a free family friendly public talk that offers a fascinating insight into what it takes to prepare for an extreme expedition. 

The University’s Faculty of Education, Health and Wellbeing has secured Rosie Stancer to speak at the free event. Rosie has dedicated the last 30 years of her life to expeditions of growing diversity, from solo polar expeditions to both the South and North Pole, and journeys to the hotter sands, mud and mountains of a variety of deserts. Environmental research provides the common denominator to each of her expeditions along with scientific research on the psychological and physical impact of immersion in extreme environments for prolonged periods. 

Joining Rosie will be Sergeant Major Sheridan Lucas who is part of the first military all-female team currently preparing to complete the ‘world's toughest row’ - an Atlantic crossing in a rowing boat. 

The Beyond Boundaries: Realising your potential talk is being held on Wednesday 5 July 2023 from 6.30 pm until 8.00 pm in the Samuel Johnson Building at the University’s Walsall Campus. Bookings can be made here. 

Sport and Exercise Psychologists from the University have conducted and published research with Rosie Stancer to help others in preparing for their own expeditions. Professor Tracey Devonport, Dr Carla Meijen, Juliette Lloyd, and Professor Andy Lane monitored psychological states, workload, and coping strategies for the full duration of two of Rosie’s expeditions. This was in order to explore challenges faced, coping mechanisms used at different moments of the expedition, and how effective these were.  

Professor Devonport said: “In this talk, seasoned expeditionist, Rosie Stancer, talks about preparing for and completing extreme expeditions including her polar solo expeditions to both South and North Poles, and Lake Baikal - a 752 km frozen lake in Siberia. She will bring expedition artefacts to practically illustrate some of the challenges faced in completing expeditions. 

“Alongside her, members of 'Force Atlantic' will discuss how they are currently preparing to compete in the world's toughest row – the Atlantic rowing crossing. Force Atlantic is the first all-female Army team to enter this competition. 

“The talk is designed to inspire as well as share key learnings in preparing for challenges. It is intended to educate and motivate those wishing to take on their own challenge, be it physical or mental, or associated with work, study or hobbies.” 

Rosie said: “I owe a great deal to the explorers of old, on whose “shoulders I have sat”, inheriting their hard-earned knowledge and harnessing it to modern exploration in extreme environments. Just as I, too, hope to share all I learn to help equip others to succeed in reaching out beyond their boundaries to reach their goals and explore that great unknown - one’s own potential.”  

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