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PODCAST: Leading Professor gives insights into online learning

Picture of the academic in the story John Traxler

Welcome to Leaders & Legends of Online Learning

In this new Podcast, hosted by Mark Nicholls from Leaders and Legends of Online Learning, John Traxler, Professor of Digital Learning in the Institute of Education at the University of Wolverhampton, talks about digital and online learning:

Listen to the Podcast.

Dedicated to the experts

Podcasts are awesome. Online education is awesome. There are also awesome thinkers, practitioners and, well, leaders and legends of online education. Why not bring them together?

Welcome to Leaders & Legends of Online Learning, a podcast dedicated to the experts. From time to time we’ll add new interviews with some of the world’s leading names. You’ll encounter rich and interesting perspectives on online learning and education, and links to the sort of work you ought to be reading.

Each interview lasts about a half hour, and links to each guest’s work and profile are provided for you to follow up.

Professor John Traxler was recently awarded a Chair by the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) - the organisation established by the Commonwealth Heads of Government. 

He also holds a UNESCO Chair in Innovative Informal Digital Learning in Disadvantaged and Development Contexts, and this new designation is a globally unique and unprecedented combination. He is looking to make contacts and collaborators where he can add value to ongoing and proposed developments. 

John is a Founding Director of the International Association for Mobile Learning. He is co-editor of the definitive, Mobile Learning: A Handbook for Educators and Trainers, and of Mobile Learning: the Next Generation, available in Arabic, of Mobile Learning and Mathematics, Mobile Learning and STEM: Case Studies in Practice, Mobile Learning in Higher Education: Challenges in Context, and Critical Mobile Pedagogy, and many keynotes, panels, papers, articles and chapters on all aspects of learning with mobiles.  

His journal papers have been cited over 10,000 times and is in the top 2% in his discipline. He has worked on many digital learning projects and missions. He has been responsible for large-scale mobile learning implementations, small-scale mobile learning research interventions, capacity building, major evaluations, landscape reviews, and curriculum development.  

He has extensive experience developing e-learning and mobile learning capacity amongst university teachers. Over the last five years, he has become involved in policy and strategy. He is a frequent international keynote speaker and has worked with a number of international agencies and international corporates. He is from a working-class East London background and is on the autistic spectrum. 

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