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Lecturer scrutinises the benefits of innovative teaching practice award

Portrait of Becky holding a small award

A University of Wolverhampton lecturer has picked up an award for her innovative teaching practice – and she is busy scrutinising the benefits! 

Becky Flanagan, a lecturer in Forensic Science in the University’s School of Life Sciences, was recently awarded the LearnSci Teaching Innovation Award 2022 for her work in helping to develop online resources to support students in their preparation for Crime Scene Investigation practice. 

LearnSci creates transformative digital learning experiences for educators who want to deliver an outstanding student experience, offering a range of tools that will enable the next generation of scientists to develop their skills. 

Following a professional career in Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) and working as a Forensic Manager, Becky Flanagan joined the University of Wolverhampton as Lecturer in Forensic Science, bringing with her a passion for Forensic Science and sharing knowledge and experience with future generations through innovative teaching resources for Forensic Science students. 

Becky said: “I was absolutely thrilled to receive this award. At the University we use the LearnSci resources to support teaching of practical skills across the Schools of Life Science and Pharmacy.  In the absence of anything to support Forensic Science I began the exciting journey of collaboration with LearnSci to develop new innovative and interactive online learning resources for Forensic Science and Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) teaching.  

“The objective was to develop a resource for maximising CSI learning where there are limitations on practical scene house teaching and experience. Scene management elements were based on existing smart worksheets and lab/scene simulation activities, followed by summary questions to check learning and knowledge. However, incident scene assessment and examination elements were subject to a Forensic Science twist with development of new, innovative 360 degree interactive crime scenes.  

“Collaborative working with continuous programme design and development, consultation and feedback, produced an effective product with a balance of realistic crime scenes whilst ensuring student engagement with activities.  

“The exciting end product was two interactive LearnSci Smart Worksheets that can be used as remote digital learning resources to supplement teaching, as well as for formative or summative assessments. The smart worksheets were then accessible as a trial Formative Assessment for students who were hugely positive about their use.” 

This innovative LearnSci resource can be used both nationally and internationally on Forensic Science Undergraduate courses to enhance teaching and learning, as well as being introduced in wider science education. The resource will enhance student skills, knowledge and experience in areas of critical thinking and effective strategy development both of which are essential employability skill sets for Forensic Scientist or CSI practitioners. 

Lecturer investigating a crime scene

Potential further collaboration will involve development of additional forensic element activities, such as fingerprint and DNA recovery, or even forensic science specialisms, such as entomology and anthropology. Incident scenarios could be expanded with different scene types or increased complexity.  

Anyone interested in studying in the School of Life Sciences should check out the range of courses on the website or register for one of our forthcoming Open Days. 



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