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Law graduates catch up at reunion after half a century

a group of Law Degree alumni pictures on the stairs of Wulfruna Building

The University of Wolverhampton hosted a 50-year celebration recently when a group of Law degree graduates returned to campus for a reunion – half a century after graduating! 

The thirteen graduates revisited Wolverhampton, having been the first cohort to study in the University’ School of Law in 1973. 

23 students out of the first cohort graduated in 1975. 

The returning alumni were taken on a tour of the Law School and had the opportunity to meet with two of their former lecturers, John Ritson and Frank Sharman. 

Michael Judkins, organiser of the reunion, said: “We had dinner reunions in 1979 and 1987 but, other than that, there had been no other organised gatherings over the years. None of us live locally and it would be fair to say that, amongst the 13 who attended, some had had no contact with anyone at all throughout the years and others would have stayed in contact with maybe one or two, but no more.  

“In terms of our teaching experience at the time, the opportunity, and challenge, of living away from home for the first time, getting to know a whole host of new people, not only on the Law course but in others as well. I think that would be the memory giving greatest impact but, needless to say, the course, being for us, or certainly for me, a subject which in itself was entirely new, not having featured at all other school academic curriculum, was very memorable. And, of course, the various social activities, particularly sport-related, gave an interaction and camaraderie with others that added significantly to the enjoyment of student life. 

“The choice of Law as the subject of study generally signified the intention to seek a subsequent career as a professional lawyer. One of our number at the reunion took up a career in the teaching of law, at least three of us went into business whilst the remainder did qualify and subsequently practice as solicitors. As to accomplishments, everyone will have their own story to tell of what might rank in the eyes of the wider legal world of “minor successes” but one of our number had, along with his wife also a lawyer, established his own firm, which following their retirement, still successfully continues and is quite promoted in size in his locality. 

“The new buildings and facilities were fantastic. Two particular recollections, for me, stand out. The creation of a Court as part of the site, complete with judges’ bench, witness stand and all that makes it appear totally authentic.  

“It’s wonderful for us all to stay connected because that period spent at University was such an integral part, and probably the most important, of our formative years and amounted to a life-shaping experience whether that be in terms of personal or career development, or both.”  

After graduation, graduates become members of the Alumni Association and are encouraged to keep in touch, to take advantage of a wide range of benefits and support on offer, including a discount for postgraduate study. 

Anyone interested in studying courses in the University of Wolverhampton Law School should check out the website or book a place for one of our forthcoming Open Days. 



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